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keeping our planet clean

is not an easy job



Keeping our community clean is not always an easy job.  In fact, its a tough dirty job, which requires constant vigilance, determination, and a commitment to achieving the best possible results. We are always striving to learn new techniques,and utilize the latest technologies, to achieve the most efficient and environmentally safe results.

SINCE 1996


Since it's inception in 1996, Rebco Sales has converted over 3,400,000 lbs of steel, and over 2,000,000 lbs of plastic, from landfill bound, used containers, into reusable, recycled material, making our local community stronger economically, and environmentally cleaner. This, not only represents over  2,750,000 cubic yards saved in landfill space, but also an enormous savings in carbon emissions. 

Every day, Rebco Sales collects and reduces over 9 tons of steel and plastic into reusable resources, which would otherwise be committed to filling up leaking, difficult to manage landfills.

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 Michael and his family's dedication to community improvement is unswerving.  Rebco Sales will continue to work on improving it's methods and operations, with constant reinvestment, and commitment to excellence.

Total Container Management

                                            CRADLE TO GRAVE

                            RECYCLING AND RECONDITIONING

                                NEW INDUSTRIAL CONTAINERS



Michael and his son in law Jimmy, are committed to open, honest communication within the community. Jimmy, is personally, always available to answer your questions regarding compliance, operations, or any other issues you may need to discuss with Rebco Sales. His direct number is 215-791-4611.


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