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"The challenge is to redirect the flow of raw materials going to landfill, into strengthening our declining local economies" 
Neil Seldman

Container Collection




REBCO. offers empty container collection and pickup services. Please click here to find out more, and how we can help.


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Steel Drum Recycling


REBCO recycles steel drums, saving energy and resources. The steel drums are used for many different materials. PKD utilizes newest state of the art technologies, to turn old containers, into re-usable packaging for all the products we use.


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IBC Recycling


REBCO provides IBC pick up and recycling services. IBC style containers are used to carry a variety of products that are used in almost every home, and business.


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Poly Drums carry a wide variety of products used every day by almost every household and business. Rather than landfill these containers which overburden our precious landfill space, REBCO, recycles the plastic for reuse in many of the everyday products we all use. 


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